Boltzmann Gas Constant (KB) Calculation

The calculator calculates the Boltzmann gas constant (KB) using gas constant and avagadaro constant.





Formula :

k = R / NA


k = Boltzmann constant,

R = Gas constant,

NA = Avagadaro

Boltzmann Constant

The Boltzmann constant is a physical constant obtained by taking the ratio of two constants namely gas constant and Avogadro number, introduced by Max Plank and named after Ludwig Boltzmann and used in diverse disciplines of physics.

It is used to express Boltzmann factor.

In classical statistical mechanics, Boltzmann Constant is used to expressing the equipartition of the energy of an atom.

It plays a major role in the statistical definition of entropy.

In semiconductor physics, it is used to express thermal voltage.

Value of k along with units

Value Of k Units
1.3806452 × 10-23 m2.Kg.s-2.K-1
8.6173303 × 10-5 eV.K-1
1.38064852 × 10-16 erg.K-1
2.0836612(12)×1010 Hz.K-1
3.2976230(30)×10-24 cal.K-1
0.69503476(63) cm-1.K-1
−228.5991678(40) dB.WK-1.Hz-1
4.10 pN.nm
0.0083144621(75) kJ.mol-1K-1
1.0 Atomic unit (u)