Battery Charger calculator

Battery Charger Calculator is used to calculate the maximum charge time of batteries, based on the entered information.


Battery Capacity(mAh):
Charge Rate Current(mA):



Maximum Time To Full Charge (MTFC)

MTFC(10% Efficiency Loss): Hours
MTFC(20% Efficiency Loss): Hours
MTFC (30% Efficiency Loss): Hours
MTFC(40% Efficiency Loss): Hours
MTFC(No Efficiency Loss): Hours

Formula used:

MTFC (10% Efficiency Loss) = ((BC / CRC) * 11) / 10, 
MTFC (20% Efficiency Loss) = ((BC / CRC) * 12)/10, 
MTFC (30% Efficiency Loss) = ((BC / CRC) * 13)/10, 
MTFC (40% Efficiency Loss) = ((BC / CRC) * 14)/10, 
MTFC (No Efficiency Loss) = ((BC / CRC) * 10)/10

MTFC - Maximum Time To Full Charge,
BC - Battery Capacity,
CRC - Charge Rate Current

The calculator finds the maximum battery charge time for for given values. Maximum time to full charge (≤10%) efficiency loss is virtually impossible and usually accepted standard for efficiency loss is 20%. The efficiency loss 30% and 40% are better than 10%. If efficiency loss is above 40% than we should try to find the reason by changing the charger or replacing the battery.