Calculate Apparent Temperature

The Calculator calculates the apparent temperature for given values.


Dry Bulb Temperature°C
Relative Humidity %
Wind Speed at an Elevation of 10 Meters  m/s
Net Radiation Absorbed Per Unit Area of Body Surface  w/m2




Apparent Temperature°

The apparent temperature means that the temperature occurring by the combination of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed.


AT = Ta+ 0.348 * e-0.70 * ws + (0.70* (Q * (ws+10)) - 4.25)

e = (rh)/100)*6.105*e((17.27 *Ta) / (237.7+Ta))


AT = Apparent Temperature,

Ta = Dry Bulb Temperature,

e = Water Vapour Pressure,

ws = Wind Speed at an Elevation of 10 meters,

Q = Net Radiation Absorbed per unit area of Body Surface,

rh = Relative Humidity