Calculate Angular and Linear Velocity

The calculator calculates the angular and linear velocity of any object moving in circular form using following formula:


ω = θ/t radians/sec
LV = x/t km/hr
Where, ω=Angular velocity, LV=Linear velocity, θ=Angle the object traversed, x=Distance covered, t=Time taken
Number of Revolutions per Minute : 
Radius : meter
Angular Velocity (ω): radians/sec
Linear Velocity (LV): km/hr
The angular velocity applies to objects that are moving along a circular path, it is the object's angular displacement with respect to time. We can see the angular velocity in this example:
The linear velocity applies to an object that is moving in a straight line, it is the rate of change of object's position with respect to time, or we can say speed is the linear velocity. We can see the linear velocity in this example: