Three (3) Band Resistor / Resistance Color Code Calculator

The calculator will show the Resistance Value based on selected band.

Color Band1

Color Band2

Color Band3


Resistors are color-coded. For the first and second colored bands, the values for Black is 0, Brown is 1, Red is 2, Orange is 3, Yellow is 4, Green is 5, Blue is 6, Violet is 7, Grey is 8 and White is 9.

Once you find the values for the first two bands, for example, if we have a red band and a black band, then the values will be 2 and 0. Put these two numbers together and you’ll get the number 20.

The third band is the multiplier band and color-codes are as:

Black is 1,

Brown is 10,

Red is 100,

Orange is 1000 (1 K),

Yellow is 10,000 (10 K),

Green is 100,000 (100 K)

and Blue is 1,000,000 (1 M).