Find Magnetic Field Due to Current

The calculator will calculate the magnetic field due to current in the wire using Biot Savart Law based on given values. The Biot Savart Law defines fundamental quantitative relationship between an electric current and the magnetic field it produces, based on the experiments in 1820 of the French scientists Jean-Baptiste Biot and Félix Savart. The Biot-Savart law is applied in a specific case by adding up the contributions to the magnetic field at a given point from the whole series of short current segments that constitute a specific conductor of whatever shape
Formula: Magnetic Field (B) = (μ0 / 4π) (Q v sinθ / r2)
Where,       μ0 = Permeability of a vacuum (4π x 10-7 N A-2),       Q = Point Charge,       v = Velocity,       r = Distance,       θ = Angle between v and r
Enter point charge = A s
Enter velocity = m/s
Enter angle = degrees
Enter distance = m
Magnetic Field Due to Current = N A-1 m-1