Calculate Polarization of an Antenna

The calculator can calculate linear- polarization, circular- polarization and elliptical-polarization of antennas based on selection.

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Polarization of the wave radiated by an antenna is known as antenna polarization.


E x = a ×Cos(ωt - β z)

E y = b × Cos(ωt - βz + phi)


β = 2 π / λ

E x =Electric Field X-axis

E y = Electric Field Y-axis

a = X axis value

b = Y axis value

z = Z axis value

ω = Angular Frequency

t = Time Period

n = Number of values

λ = Wave length

The antenna polarization is a critical aspect of antenna performance and polarization is the direction in which the electric field of a radio wave oscillates while it propagates through a medium. The antenna polarization are vertical, horizontal, right/left hand circular. The polarization of an antenna is based on the E-plane orientation of the electromagnetic energy radiated/received by the antenna

Polarization Conditions:

1. Linear: phi = n × π,

2. Circular: phi = (n + 1) × π / 2 and a = b,

3. Elliptical: phi = (n + 1) × π / 2 and a ≠ b

Types of Polarization

Linear polarization.

Circular polarization.

Elliptical polarization.