FAQ : Network


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👉 What are the areas of network management Problem?
👉 What Are the Components of Network Management?
👉 What is the coverage in network management?
👉 What is SNMP and useage?
👉 What are the component of SNMP ?
👉 What are the potential Network threats?
👉 Define the Levels of Security?
👉 What is firewall?
👉 What is proxy server?
👉 What is encryption and role in network communication?
👉 Explain the encryption with basic level of example?
👉 What is backbone connectivity and its types?
👉 What are the network devices used in data transmission?
👉 Calculate necessary clearance for the First Fresnel Zone(FFZ)
👉 What is Fresnel Zone(FZ) ?
👉 What is fiber optics ?
👉 What is difference between TCP and UDP and what is used in youtube?
👉 What is difference between HTTPS and HTTP?
👉 What is FTP?
👉 What is GPRS service ?
👉 What are the applications of GPRS?
👉 Some application layer protocol


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