What is difference between HTTPS and HTTP ?


The difference between HTTPS and HTTP

HTTP transmits the data in plain text, in other hand, HTTPS encrypts the data and transmits it in encrypted form.
HTTP operates at the application layer, in other hand HTTPS operates at the transport layer.
HTTP does not need any kind of domain validation.
HTTPS requires domain validation and even check legal documents of authentication or ownership.
HTTP is comparatively faster than HTTPS because HTTPS consumes more computing power and resources to encrypt the communication channel.

Key points to be remember

The HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. The HTTPs stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
Data over HTTP is unsecure. Data over HTTPS is secure.
http:// used before the domain name. https:// used before the domain name.
HTTP works at the application layer. HTTPS works at the transport layer.
The default port number over HTTP is 80. The default port number over HTTPs is 443.
It operates at TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)/ IP (Internet Protocol) level. It does not have a separate protocol. It runs over HTTP but uses TLS/SSL encrypted connection.
HTTP websites do not require certificate to verify websites’ identity. HTTPS websites require SSL certificates to verify websites’ identity.
Do not exist encryption in HTTP websites. Encryption and decryption exist on HTTPS websites.
There is a risk of attacks (like man-in-middle and eavesdropping, etc.) in HTTP There is no such risk of attacks in HTTPS.
Website with HTTP has fater speed than HTTP Website with HTTPS has slower speed due to redirects and data encryption.
HTTP does not help in search engine optimization. HTTPS helps in search engine optimization.

Benefits of HTTPS

When entering details into an online transaction gateway, HTTPS protects users' sensitive information (such as card details and other personal information). It helps to do online transactions without any risk.
HTTPS uses SSL technology and applies additional security to the website, which helps build trust of users.

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