Straight line motion

s: distance(m), t: time (s, second), v: velocity (m/s), VA: average velocity

Constant Acceleration Straight Line Motion

A: Acceleration, V0: Initial Velocity, V: Velocity At Time T

Distance Function

X0: Initial Distance From Origin, X: Distance At Time T

Uniform Circular Motion

Ø: angle (radian), l: length of an arc, R: radius of circle, ω: angular velocity (rad/s), t: time the object moves a length of l

Centripetal Force

f: frequency (Hz), T: the period for one rotation (s), a: centripetal acceleration, F: centripetal force (N, Newton)

Constant Acceleration Circular Motion

γ: angular acceleration


at : tangential acceleration, an : normal acceleration

Freely Falling From Height H

g: gravitational acceleration, v: velocity at t, s: distance after t, vh: velocity when touching the ground, th: time to touch down


Vertical Projectile Motion

Hmax : maximum height, v0: initial velocity

Motion equation and velocity equation

Angled Projectile Motion

vx, vy: velocity; x, y: motion equation by t; H: maximum height; L: maximum distance

Horizontal Projectile Motion

th: time when touchdown, vh: velocity when touchdown

Sliding Motion On An Inclined Plane

µ: coefficient of some materials

Fiction coefficient of some materials

MaterialCoefficients of friction