How to answer Tell Me About Yourself in an interview


Before attending an interview go through with Job description and company details.

Give your feedback within 2 minutes.

Connect personal strengths with supporting examples.

Focus on details and results that you can measure.

Speak about, what sets you apart from other candidates.

Mention past experiences and proven successes.

Align and connect your skills and project work to the role.

Avoid mentioning personal information related to your marital status, political or religious views.

Highlight your personality.

Avoid rushing into intense conversations about the role and the company.

Briefly mention hobbies, intellectual development and community participation.

Write your sample answer and practice.

Sample 1

I am pursuing/completed B.Tech from ________ .

I have participated in ___________ national/International conferences. (if participated)

I have done my internship in ________________ . (If relevent to mention)

I have attended or participated in college events and got ____ prizes (if you have Attended or participated)

My strength is that I can adapt quickly to any environment. (or any other)

My Hobbies are _____ (The last but also the most important part of your introduction, mention some of your Hobbies)

My short term goal is to get placed in a reputed company like yours, which will allow me to enhance my skills and Knowledge.

My long term goal would be to give my services honestly and reach a higher position in your company.

Sample 2

My name is _______, I am from _______.

I am pursuing/completed my _________ from ____________.

I did my Intermediate from ______ with __% and High school from _______ with __%. (if you have high score)

My Hobbies are ____________________________________.

My Strength takes Initiative to work independently, Good leadership skills and Helping tendency.

My Weakness is I am not comfortable until I finish my work in the given time and am friendly in nature.

My Short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company.

My Long term goal is to become a more responsible and knowledgeable personality and in a respectable position in my company.

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