Do you have any other offer?


Purpose of this qustion

The interviewer is curious to know what kind of jobs you are looking for and looks forward to hiring a candidate who is being targeted and specific in their job hunt, not just applying.

You need to show interviewer that you have been interviewing (or got offers) at other companies that are similar to them.

The interviewers ask this because they may have interest in hiring you. Or they want to see how your job search is going on overall.

Important point: Never share companies names with interviewers and be honest with your answer


I have some other interviews scheduled with other companies in the industry. (if you have)

I have some job offers with other companies. (if you have)

I chose this company as my primary choice because the company has an excellent record of customer service, low turnover and high employee satisfaction, according to online reviews.

I also recognize the company has a supportive, diverse company culture therefore I believe I am a good match for it.

The other companies lack the diverse company culture and benefits your company offers for this position.


No, I don't have


No, I don't have right now but expected as result is awaited

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