What are your goals for the future


Share an idea of how you would like to see your career progress.

It's also fine to realize the interviewer's thoughts about potential developments with the company.

Don't discuss your personal goals outside of work (such as having a family or traveling around the world)

Sample 1

I wish to see myself as a top performing employee in such a well established organization.
I plan to enhance my skills and continue my participation in relevant professional associations.

Sample 2

My long-term goals include growing up with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities and contribute as much as possible to the team.
I like that your company emphasizes opportunities for professional development.
I will take full advantage of the didactic resources available.

Sample 3

Once I gain experience, I would like to move from a technical position to a management position.
I know this has been a common path for many people and I think over time it may be a logical step for me.
Currently, I am excited to focus and apply my technical skills in this job.

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