Tranquilizers antiseptics

Tranquilizers are chemical compounds used for treatment of stress , mild and severe mental diseases. These are used to relieve stress , fatigue, by inducing sense of well being. They form an essential component of sleeping pills. Tranquilizers also form an important category of so called psychotherapeutic drugs. Derivatives of barbituric acid viz., veronal, amytal, nembutal, luminal and seconal are familiar drugs of this class. These derivatives are called barbiturates. Barbiturates are hypnotic, i.e., sleep producing agents.

Some tranquilizers are relatively mild in nature and are suitable for relieving tension. Equanil is used in controlling depression and hypertension. We have barbiturates which is hypnotic that is sleep producing agents. Some substances which are used as tranquilizers are valium and serotonin.

Antiseptics: They are applied on the living tissues such as wounds to prevent the growth of microbes and free the skin from any disease. The examples of antiseptics are furacine, soframicine etc. We also have antiseptic soaps that are commonly used, these soaps have bithionol added to it. Boric acid is also an antiseptic which is used for eyes. Dettol is the most popular antiseptic used these days, it is a mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol.