Static Failure Analysis of Brittle Material


Static Failure Analysis of Brittle Material

The calculator finds the failure analysis of the brittle material based given values of principal stress1, ultimate strength in tension, principal stress2 and ultimate compression.



Formula Used:

Fracture Analysis = (PS1/UST) - (PS2/UC)


PS1 - Principal Stress1,

UST - Ultimate Strength in Tension,

PS2 - Principal stress2,

UC - Ultimate Compression

The Brittle materials are characterized by little deformation. The Brittle materials are having poor capacity to resist impact and vibration of load and high compressive strength. The Brittle materials are low tensile strength.

Examples of brittle materials

Brittle materials are like glass, ceramic, graphite, and few alloys with extremely low plasticity in which cracks can initiate without plastic deformation which may evolve into brittle breakage.

Difference between brittle and ductile material

The materials can be called as ductile materials or brittle materials based on their response to an applied stress on them. The ductile materials are able to be drawn out into thin wires whereas brittle materials are hard but liable to break easily.

The ductile materials are Steel, Aluminum, copper and gold etc. The Gold is extremely ductile, pure gold is a very soft metal.