Vector Difference Calculator


The subtraction of vector A and vector B is a vector C derived by placing the initial point of B on the terminal point of A and then joining the initial point of A to the terminal point of B.

The difference is written as → C = A - B →.

The subtraction of two vectors A and B can be derived from the formula A - B = A + (-B)

Lets consider the two vector a and b for subtraction

Vector subtraction is the simply negative of addition. Let's consider two vector a=[5i,8j,6k] and b=[7i,2j,1k].

So now we can say a - b = a + (-b).

Means that change the sign of b’s components like:

b=[7,2,1] will become as:


Therefore a + (-b) = {5i + (-7i)} , {8j + (-2j)}, {6k + (-1k)}

= (5i – 7i) , (8k -2k) , (6k - 1k)

=(-2i , 6j , 5k)