Vector Product Calculator


This Calculator allows to calculate the vector product of two vectors.The magnitude of the vector product of given two vectors can be calculated by doing multipliction of the magnitudes of the vectors & the sine of the angle between them (<180).

Lets consider the two vector (A as first vector and B as second vector) for dot or scalar product.

The dot product is a form of multiplication that involves two vectors having the same number of components.

To determine the dot product of two vectors, we always multiply like components, and find their sum.

Let consider value for vector A as (2i , 3j , 4k) and B as (4i , 6j , 5k)

The A*B = a1* b1 + a2* b2 + a3* b3

= (2x4)i + (3x6)j + (4x5)k

= 8i + 18j + 20k