Solve Calculus Limit Problem

L’Hospital’s Rule tells us that if we have an indeterminate form 0/0 or ∞/∞. We need to differentiate the numerator and denominator and then take the limit. L’Hospital’s rule is a shortcut for solving limit problems. L'hopital's rule allows us to replace a limit problem with another that may be simpler to solve. for example :
limitx→0 sin x = 0 and limitx→0 x = 0 the rule used to evaluate the above limit as follows
limitx→0 sin x / x = limitx→0 [ d ( sin x ) / dx ] / [ d ( x ) / dx ]
= limitx→0 cos x / 1 = 1
Enter the f(x) function= ex : x+4*x
Enter the g(x) Function= ex : x^3
Enter the limit value=
L Rule Value=