What is agile and scrum ?


Agile is a Project Management Methodology based on iterative and incremental approach where as Scrum is one of the implementations of agile methodology.
In which incremental builds are delivered to the customer in every two to three weeks’ time.

Agile Project Management

Agile methodology is a practice which helps continuous iteration of development and testing in the SDLC process. Agile encourages teamwork and face-to-face communication.

In agile methodology, development and testing activities are concurrent, unlike other software development methodologies.

Agile project management is a project philosophy or framework that takes an iterative approach towards the completion of a project and

allows business stakeholders , developers and clients to work together for a product development.

Because of the iterative nature of this approaches, continuous involvement with the client is necessary to ensure that the expectations are aligned and

to allow the project manager to adapt to changes throughout the process.

Scrum Project Management

Scrum project management is one of the specific most popular methodology used by project managers.

It provides a process for how to identify the work, who will do the work, how it will be done and when it will be completed.

In Scrum project management, the project team led by the project manager alongwith product owner, Scrum master and other cross-functional team members.

In Scrum project management, the product owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product while the Scrum master is accountable for ensuring that the project team follows the Scrum methodology.

The Scrum methodology is characterized by short phases or “sprints” when project work occurs.

During sprint planning the project team identifies a small part of the scope to be completed during the upcoming sprint, which is usually a few week period of time.

At the end of the sprint this work should be ready to be delivered to the client.

Finally, the sprint ends with a sprint review. This cycle is repeated throughout the project lifecycle until entire scope has been delivered.

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