Iodoform Freons

Triiodomethane (or) iodoform, is a pale yellow, crystalline solid, has a pungent, medicine-like odour.Iodoform has uses as an antiseptic. Iodoform is used in medical applications. The antiseptic properties are due to the liberation of free iodine.

Carbon tetrachloride:

Carbon tetrachloride is a clear liquid with a sweet smell.It is used in the manufacture of refrigerants and aerosol propellants also in the synthesis of chlorofluorocarbons.The health risks associated with carbon tetrachloride are very serious, as the substance is a suspected carcinogen. Chronic exposure to carbon tetrachloride may cause liver cancer in humans. Kidney damage is also a risk. Carbon tetrachloride has been linked to the depletion of the ozone layer.


Freons are chlorofluorocarbon derivatives of methane and ethane. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive and easily liquefiable gases.Freon-12 was one of the most commonly used Freons in the industry. Freon-12 useful in aerosol propellants, refrigeration and air conditioning.Freon-12 and other chlorofluorocarbons are known to initiate radical chain reactions that lead to the destruction of the ozone layer.