Calculate Terminal Velocity

The calculator will calculate the terminal velocity for given values of mass of the falling object, acceleration due to gravity, density of fluid, projected area of the object and drag coefficient. When any object falls due to gravity then object speed is gained due to gravitation force this maximum falling speed is called terminal velocity.
Formula: Vt = √ ((2*m*g) / (ρ * A * Cd))
Where, Vt = Terminal Velocity (Maximum Falling Speed), m = Mass of the Falling Object, g = Acceleration due to Gravity, ρ = Density of Fluid, A = Projected Area of the Object, Cd = Drag Coefficient
Mass of the Falling Object weight
Acceleration Due to Gravity m/s2
Density of Fluid kg/m3
Projected Area of the Object area
Drag Coefficient 
Terminal Velocity m/s