Calculate Black Hole Gravitational Redshift

The calculator calculates the Gravitational Redshift for given Constant of Gravitation, Mass of Body, Distance from Mass Center and Speed of Light. When an electromagnetic radiation emitted from an object is shifted to the red end of the spectrum, it is said as gravitational redshift or einstein shift. The gravitational redshift or einstein shift at the black hole region which does not allow anything to pass out with such a gravity pull.
Formula: v / vr = (1 - (2GM / rc2))1/2
Where, v = Frequency at Infinity, vr = Frequency at r, G = Constant of Gravitation, M = Mass of Body, r = Distance from Mass Center, c = Speed of Light
Constant of Gravitation:  m/s2
Mass of Body:  weight
Distance From Mass Center:  length
Speed of Light:  m/s
Gravitational Redshift: