Calculate the Black Hole Evaporation Time

The calculator calculates the Evaporation Time for given Mass of Body and Solar Mass.






The black hole evaporation time is proportional to the cube of its mass.

Generally black holes of a few solar masses and large tidal forces well outside the event horizon.


τe ∼ (M3 / Mo3) ×1066


τe = Evaporation Time,

M = Mass of Body,

Mo = Solar Mass

The evaporation depends on the mass, in the case of stellar mass black holes may take 1067 years to evaporate completely.

The black holes got a finite lifetime due to emission of hawking radiation.

The some of known astrophysical black holes may take evaporation time (completely evaporate and disappear) much longer time than the current age of the universe According to Stephen Hawking, the black holes will evaporate over vast periods of time.