Capsule Volume, Surface Area and Circumference Calculation

Calculate the Volume, Surface Area and Circumference of capsul.
Capsule Volume
Radius value (r)=m
Side length (a)=m
Volume of Capsule (V)=m3
Surface Area (S)=m2
Circumference (C)=m
The capsule is a shape consisting of a cylinder with hemispherical ends means a sphere has been cut in half through its center and combined at both the ends of a cylinder. The radius of sphere and cylinder is same, so we can say a cylinder with two hemispherical caps on either end. The formula used to calculate volume, surface area and circumference as follows:
Volume = πr2((4/3)r + a)
Surface Area = 2πr(2r + a)
Circumference = 2πr
Where r is radius and a is side length.