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Calculate the Nth root of the given whole number which has the Nth radical value.

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In this radical calculator entered positive whole number and Nth root or radical power.

Roots are often written using the radical symbol √.

√x - denoting the square root and

3√x - denoting the cube root, and so on.

The Nth of a real number x can also be represented as x1/n.

Radicals or roots are opposite to exponents. The power can be undo by radical.
For example 92 = 81 and the square root of 81 (√81) will be 9. The √ 81 will be call as square root of eighty-one or radical eighty-one. Some example of radicals as follows:
√ or 2√ is called second root or square root.
3√ is called cube root.
4√ is called forth root.
5√ is called fifth root.
n√ is called nth root.