Radicals Nth Root Value Calculation

Calculate the Nth root of the given whole number which has the Nth radical value. In this radical calculator entered positive whole number and Nth root or radical power. Roots are often written using the radical symbol √. The √x - denoting the square root and 3√x - denoting the cube root, and so on. The Nth of a real number x can also be represented as x1/n.
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Radicals or roots are opposite to exponents. The power can be undo by radical.
For example 92 = 81 and the square root of 81 (√81) will be 9. The √ 81 will be call as square root of eighty-one or radical eighty-one. Some example of radicals as follows:
√ or 2√ is called second root or square root.
3√ is called cube root.
4√ is called forth root.
5√ is called fifth root.
n√ is called nth root.