Product to Sum Trigonometry Identities Calculator

Calculate the values for sin(u)sin(v), sin(u)cos(v) and cos(u)sin(v) against selected values of u and v angle,

👉 Proof of product to sum Identities

using following formulas:

sin(u)sin(v) = ½(cos(u-v) – cos(u+v))

sin(u)cos(v) = ½(sin(u+v) + sin(u-v))

cos(u)sin(v) = ½(sin(u+v) – sin(u-v))

cos(u)cos(v) = ½(cos(u+v) + cos(u-v))

The group of trigonometry identities are known as the product-to-sum identities.

These identities are the true trigonometry statement that shows how to go from the product of two trigonometry functions to the sum of two trigonometry functions as shown above.

We can use the product-form or sum-form to describe the same things because these are definition and interchangeable.