Prism Calculator

Calculate the various properties of Triangular Prism, Rectangular Prism(Cuboid), Regular Square Prism(Square Cuboid), Regular Pentagonal Prism and Regular Hexagonal Prism for given values.

Triangular Prism


Triangular Prism

Area of Base : ½ab

Perimeter of Base : s1+s2+s3

Surface Area of Prism : ab+(s1+s2+s3)h

Volume of Prism : ½abh

Rectangular Prism


Rectangular Prism(Cuboid)

Area of Base : lw

Perimeter of Base : 2l+2w

Surface Area of Prism : 2(lw)+(2l+2w)h

Volume of Prism : lwh

Diagonal of Prism : Sqrt(l²+w²+h²)

Regular Square Prism


Regular Square Prism(Square Cuboid)

Area of Base :

Perimeter of Base : 4s

Surface Area of Prism : 2s² + 4sh

Volume of Prism : s²h

Regular pentagonal Prism


Regular Pentagonal Prism

Area of Base : ½×a×5×s

Perimeter of Base : 5s

Surface Area of Prism : 5as + 5sh

Volume of Prism : (5/2)ash

Regular hexagonal Prism


Regular Hexagonal Prism

Area of Base : ½×a×6×s

Perimeter of Base : 6s

Surface Area of Prism : 6as + 6sh

Volume of Prism : 3ash

A prism is a polyhedron having two congruent parallel polygons as its bases and the other faces of a prism are parallelograms. The prisms are named by their base shape as follows:

Prism Type Definition
Triangular Prism The Prism having triangular bases.
Rectangular Prism(Cuboid) The Prism having rectangular bases.
Regular Square Prism(Square Cuboid) The Prism having square bases.
Regular Pentagonal Prism The Prism having pentagonal bases.
Regular Hexagonal Prism The Prism having hexagonal bases.