Kite Calculator

Calculator calculates the area of a kite with both methods (Trigonometry and Diagonal) and also calculate the perimeter of the kite.
kite Area of Kite [Diagonal Method]:
[ ½×d1d2 ]
Enter the Diagonal lengths =
Area of Kite =

kite Area of Kite Using Trigonometry:
[ ab Sin C ]
Enter the lengths =
Enter the angle =
Area of Kite =

kite Perimeter of Kite:
[ 2(a+b) ]
Enter the lengths =
Perimeter of Kite =
The kite is a quadrilateral with two pairs of equal-length sides, adjacent to each other. Kite is a symmetric shape and its diagonals are perpendicular. There is two basic kite area formulas can be used depending on the information availble:

Trigonometry method:

Area of the kite = product of both side length sin (angle between them) = ab sin C, Where a and b are the lengths of two unequal sides, C is the angle

Diagonal method:

Area of the kite = The area is half the product of the diagonals = (d1d2)/2 where d1,d2 are the length of diagonal.


add the length of each side = 2a+2b Where a and b are the lengths each sides.