Calculate age in terms of days, months and years

Calculator finds the difference in terms of days, months and years between two given dates.
[Example : 01-11-2012 from 31-12-1970 ]  
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To calculate the difference between two dates and shows the difference in the terms of years, months, days, hours and minutes. The difference between to-date and from date can be calculated for given values.
The difference between two dates can be seen in different terms. It will also shows the remaining days in next occurrence date.
Persons are always very keen to know the difference between two dates. When person see any things, the first this comes in mind to know difference between dates.
When a person sees that house/bulding was built in 11 jan 1810 immediately needs to know the age of house/building. Person keep calculating the age of the objects.
There is may times a requirement of the person to calculate the age as on particular date, this calculator helps to compute the age between two dates. date difference which is also called period can be seen in different – different format as per their requirement / cultures . Many persons like to know the period in the terms of years, month and days format. Many wants period in the terms of only days.
Persons all also keen to know how many days left in next date occurrence. This helps to know the count down for coming next occurrence. We all leant how to calculate the date difference as follows:
Suppose we have to calculate the period from 11-July-1965 to 9-June-2005. So will calculate as follows:
Year – Month - day
Since 11 can not be subtracted from 09 so we will take a carry 30 days from month 06. Means now day will be 39 and month will be 05, similarly we will take the carry from 12 month from year, means month will become 17 and year will become 2004.
Lets re-write as follows:
1965-07-11 Now every things can be subtracted as :
39-10-28 so age can be told as :
39 years, 10 months and 28 days.