The proposed site is about providing a platform for those students looking for the teachers. It brings the students and the teachers together under the same roof.
Later this site will have a registration system for both students and teachers. It has got three panels one each for student, teacher and administrator, both student and teacher will register themselves and they will get id and password for their login. This Id and password will be authenticated by the admin. After getting their id and password they can post their requirements.

The Students will post their requirements as
  • What they want to learn(technology or language).
  • The timings they prefer.
  • What they are pursuing currently
  • Any regular course or professional course.
  • Working or not.
  • Physically challenged.
  • Housewives or working.
  • Current Location etc...

The Teachers will post their requirements as
  • Their current location
  • Timings
  • Fees for the course
  • Prefer regular or part time
  • Teaching experience
  • Educational Background
  • Confident in which language or technology

Now comes the role of admin. He will see the posted requirements of both the teacher and the student, there after he will decide about which teacher is best suited for the posted requirement of the student, which teacher is closely located to that student. As we are dealing with every kind of student from physically challenged to the housewives. Its quite possible that we may have more students then the number of teachers availbe then we may offer students in batches with concession in fees, this will help to manage it more efficiently. We have to take this in mind that every one who registers to our website should be benefited.