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This is a decimal/binary to two’s complement converter and a two’s complement to decimal converter. It is a system in which the negative numbers are represented by the two’s complement of the absolute value.
For example : -9 converts to 11110111 (to 8 bits), which is -9 in two’s complement.

Complementing it would make it 9, or 00001001 to 8 bits.

The two’s complement is a method for representing positive and negative integer values in the decimal number system.

The two’s complement automatically includes the sign bit.

If input number is a decimal number(with or without sign) then we covert decimal number into binary number else we first form the one's complement for given binary number and then add 1 to the one’s complement.

Two’s complement for binary number

Step 1: Begin with the binary value


Step 2: Formed the one's complement as follows:


Step 3: Add 1 to the one's complement

           01100110 (One's complement)

                     + 1 (Add 1)


           01100111 (Two's complement)


Two’s complement for decimal number

lets take the example of decimal (-44) to form 2's complements as follows:

Step 1: Begin with the decimal value -44

          The value will be converted into binary as 00101100

Step 2: Formed the one's complement as follows:


Step 3: Add 1 to the one's complement

           11010011 (One's complement)

                     + 1

          (Add 1)


           11010100 (Two's complement)