Recurring Decimal Number to Fraction Conversion

Enter Decimal Fraction Value


Result : Vulgar Fraction

To use this calculater insert the recurring part and non-recurring part in specified columns.

a) If you have 0.22222... as decimal, enter the non recurring part 0 in non-recurring field and 2 in recuring field.

b) If you have 2.56231231... as decimal, insert the non recurring part 2.56 in non-recurring field and mixed recuring number 231 in recuring field.


2/9 will result in 0.2222222...... This is called as recurring decimal.

Step-by-step solution

Convert a recurring decimal 0.277.. into a fraction

x = 0.277..

10x = 2.77..

100x = 27.77..

Now we have two equations with the same recurring part we subtract one from the otherone(100x - 10x and 27.77.. - 2.77..)

90x =25