Calculate Numerator, Denominator and Percentage

Enter any two numbers and find out the third one, enter any two from numerator or denominator or the percentage. Same can be also used to Calculate a percentage from numbers and calculating numbers from a percentage
Percentage = (( Numerator / Denominator) X 100)%

I want to calculate
Numerator =
Denominator =
Percentage =

Steps to find a percentage of a number from a fraction:
a. Divide the top of the fraction by the bottom,
b. Then multiply the result by 100

Steps to find calculate percentage in accounting:
a. Divide the percentage by the quantity then multiply the product by 100.
b. Apply a percent symbol(%) after the final product.

Steps to calculate remaining percentage:
a. Subtract amount from total amount.
b. Divide by total amount.
c. Multiply by 100.