Multiply Binomials Calculator

Calculator finds the Binomial Equation for given values.

First Equation values : x ±
Second Equation values : x ±


Calculator used in multiplication of two binomials using FOIL method, where FOIL stand for F=First, O=Outer, I=Inner and L=Last.

It has following steps with the binomial expression (ax + b)(ax +b):

First: We take the first term from each binomial and multiply them together, means ax and ax = a2x2

Outer: we take the outer or outside terms of the two binomials, means ax and b = abx.

Inner: we take the inner or insider terms of the two binomials, means b and ax = abx. Now we can combine the outer and inner terms, since they are like terms. Therefore this will be 2abx.

Last: we take the last terms of the two binomials, means b and b = b2.

Add all the terms up, from this binomial expression, we get the end product of a2x2 + 2abx + b2.