Decimal Number to Fraction Converter

[example: 0.2345 ]


Result - Vulgar fractions
Converting a given Decimal value to a Fraction value
Step 1:
Convert a fraction which has decimal number as top number(numerator) and then have buttom number(denominator) with the value of 1.We should take the value of denominator as 1.

Step 2:
Use multiplication for removing decimal places and count number of places in right then multiply upper number(numerator) and lower number(denominator) by 10 x .

Step 3:
Then on finding the GCF(Greatest Common Factor) of the upper number and denominator lower number and we have to divide both upper number and lower number by the Greatest Common Factor.

Step 4:
If you can further simplify fraction then convert it to mixed number fraction only and only if it's possible.

Given below are Various examples of converting decimal to fractional value:

Example 1: convert 0.525 to a fraction.
Multiply 0.525/1 by 1000/1000 to get 525/1000.

Example 2: Convert 0.5 into a fraction:

Solution: Let's apply the steps that we learned.

Step 1: Identify the place value of the last digit.
0.5 <------------ 5 is in the tenths place. (0.5 indicates 0.50)
Step 2 : The denominator would be 10

Step 3 : Fraction format: Numerator/Denominator = 5/10

Step 4 : Simplest Form: 1/2
Thus, 0.5=5/10=1/2.

Converting Repeating Decimal to Fraction:

Repeating decimals are those that does not end after a finite number of decimal places and some particular digits or a single digit after the decimal point keep on repeating in the number.
To convert any repeating decimal to fraction, there is a particular method that needs to be applied. Let's consider an example to understand that.

Example 3:Convert 0.77777... to fraction.

Let x = recurring number, i.e.
n= the number of recurring digits, i.e. 7
Multiply the recurring decimal by 10, i.e.,
This implies,
10x - x=7
∴ x= 7/9

If you want to convert a Negative Decimal to a Fraction then follow the given below steps:
Step 1: From the given decimal number remove the negative sign this steps is must.

Step 2: Do the conversion on the given positive value.

Step 3:
In the fraction answer apply the negative sign.