Cube Root Calculation

Online calculator to calculate the cube root for both positive and negative numbers.



A cube root is the number that is multiplies by itself three times in order to form a cubic value.

For the example : 5 x 5 x 5 = 125.

The cube root of 125 (3√125) is 5.
This is also called the perfect cube, means that an integer that has an integer value as the cube root.


Cube Root = ∛ N
Where, N= Number

Cube roots table (for integer results from 1 to 20):

Cube root table from 1 to 10
Cube root of 1 is 1
Cube root of 8 is 2
Cube root of 27 is 3
Cube root of 64 is 4
Cube root of 125 is 5
Cube root of 216 is 6
Cube root of 343 is 7
Cube root of 512 is 8
Cube root of 729 is 9
Cube root of 1000 is 10
Cube root table from 11 to 20
Cube root of 1331 is 11
Cube root of 1728 is 12
Cube root of 2197 is 13
Cube root of 2744 is 14
Cube root of 3375 is 15
Cube root of 4096 is 16
Cube root of 4913 is 17
Cube root of 5832 is 18
Cube root of 6859 is 19
Cube root of 8000 is 20

Some important points

The Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria devised a method for calculating cube roots in the 1st century CE

The Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata also gave a method for finding the cube root of numbers having many digits in 499 CE.

The cube of a negative number will also be a negative number.

The symbol of Cube Root = ∛

The cube root of a negative number's will always be negative. Cubing a number means raising it to the 3rd power that is odd, therefore cube roots of negative numbers will be negative.